2023 Solari

Solari benching system Product design consultant: Gensler

Solari is height-adjustable. Working sat down or stood up? The Solari’s height-adjustable worktop can be set within a range between 74 cm (2' 5 1/8") and 114 cm (3' 8 7/8"). The height can be adjusted electronically by simply pressing a button, making it super easy to customise the desk to suit your personal needs and preferences. Would you like the desk to remind you to spend some time on your feet, thus ensuring a healthier working day? No problem! The button comes with a “reminder” function which uses an LED light to prompt you when it’s time to stand up. The reminder can be programmed via an app to set the time intervals; furthermore, four height settings can also be pre-set using the app. Solari is wired-in. In the height-adjustable version, the cabling is integrated into the structure. Solari is individual, double and multiple.